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Spruce is a hardwood found throughout North America. It can be used in a wide variety of ways, including:

Building furniture

Building structures from wood

Building roofing

Building buildings of a different look

The wood can be used in different shapes from the normal round to the round and square

The wood is used as a substitute for wood for construction and structural applications

Making furniture out of spruce can be challenging or even impossible

Spruce lumber is used as a replacement for other lumber in a wide variety of products

Spruce can also be found in the construction and use of a number of construction materials

This is a great example of how some people use spruce from the woods, using it as a substitute for wood in their work.

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The SNP has rejected a demand by the Conservatives for independence in two of the party’s first manifesto pledges.

The Conservatives argued that the party would still seek to leave the UK and a second referendum on independence is “not in the national interest”.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said it would have a “damaging impact” on Scotland.

She insisted it was now the SNP policy for the first time not to hold a second referendum until after the next election.

Under the terms of the “devo-max” agreement, if the SNP loses a general election then no further elections can take place until 2021.

‘Battleground for next election’

The Conservatives had asked the SNP to agree that the only way to get independence would be if the UK leaves the EU and that the party would “never” seek another referendum in the next 10 years.

But Ms Sturgeon said the SNP’s manifesto in 2016 on devo-max meant “that the choice is now the national interest” and “a second referendum is not in the national interest”.

She also said the party had “no intention” of holding any new poll before next year’s Scottish election.

“We are clear, we will never seek independence and we will never call for another referendum without strong public support from SNP voters,” she said in a statement.

‘Inconvenient truth’

Ms Sturgeon later said she had always argued the SNP would never seek another referendum until after the 2021 election in which she would be “headlined as the party whose top priority is to keep the union between Scotland and England strong and intact”.

But she said

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