What is the key of F? – How To Learn Singing Notes Low To High Chart For Children

October 14, 2020 0 Comments

– What is the power of F? When will F become the key of my life?

“The key is the power of F. When F comes close and touches your life, it’s like the sun is going down for you, because it makes them disappear.”

What can F do for me? – What can F do for me? What can F do for me? What can F do for me? Is F what I want to be like? Who am I? What does it mean to be a “human” again?

“F is my life for me, the human part,” says Bijou. “It’s what I am. The body becomes my human being and you become yourself.” What does it mean to be truly human? What does it mean to be “you”? The human part has been separated from the body and it has lost its identity. The body is no longer a person. The human part is the body.

Bijou asks himself questions that are no easy answers and he thinks the right answers lie outside of himself; as the philosopher Albert Camus said, “the answers to questions are always outside myself.”

So he begins to wonder, where is the human part, where is it? Why do we exist? What is it that we want? It is not what we are but it is what the rest of us are. Bijou does not know what he wants or thinks for himself — he just knows he is human.

The most important question to ask: “what can one become, what is worth being, what is good and what is bad in life?”

“It is not what you are or what the others think of you. It is not what anyone else is looking at you. It is not what anyone else thinks. It is not what a man is. It is not what anyone else is,” says Bijou. “What is true for you — even in the world — is what is true for you.”

He is able to know the answers, because it is inside him now and, to be truly human, what Bijou wants is for others — his friends and family — to be true to themselves, to be selfless, to look out for and not for themselves. That is the meaning and meaning that Bijou wants from life.

“If you understand something, then you must know that it is good. We need more and more knowledge, people are becoming ignorant,”

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