What is the meaning of pitch in music? – How To Learn Piano At Home In Hindi

September 22, 2020 0 Comments

It’s a musical term that derives from the ancient Greek term, kratos (pitch), meaning “hear.” If you hear kratos in a pitch, it’s not meant to be a specific pitch, but a general idea about the pitch; as the saying goes, “How low could my head be if I told you?” Pitch is also used in an abstract sense, as in “My pitch is an abstract idea.” Some bands, though, use pitch like the word pitch. They create specific notes (and rhythms) by playing the entire song like a string orchestra. For example, on “The Great Divide,” the piano notes appear at a constant tempo with no end (or end note), just the constant repetition of the same notes over and over again. But on the album title track, it’s completely different. Each member of the band has a different pitch, but the whole thing sounds unified as one.

The concept of pitch is very subjective. Some bands use the word pitch, others use words that mean “sound.” Whatever the language used, I think the general idea is that every instrument has a different sound, just like people have different senses of hearing. As you get older, your hearing increases and is more sensitive to different objects and sounds — and it’s not just your body that senses this. Your ears pick up other sounds as well; in your head, you’ll hear them too — music in all of its different forms is music. The word is not interchangeable when we’re talking about the same thing.

And yet, it seems like every other song you make has the same tone.

That’s correct. I suppose some things are more interesting to hear when you’re younger. When I was eight, I was playing jazz guitar. I got into jazz guitar at a certain time, maybe in the fifth grade, when jazz became a part of my existence, and I remember being in the middle of a class on the piano and I was playing a few bars of “The Fool” [from Miles Davis’ album] and I remember really getting a good feeling. I remember a guy who was playing the piano that was a friend of mine, and he was telling me these phrases were like the first words the earth had ever spoken. So that’s a really great place for that kind of music. Jazz has always felt to me like that, more a form of music than a science. Like everything else, it’s got a different feel when you’re an 8-year-old

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