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As is evident in their pre-match interview, Mourinho is not a big fan of a certain type of football; possession-based football. He has tried to bring some stability to the club with this particular approach, and we are pleased that he has brought it to the Premier League.

Chelsea have shown that one of Mourinho’s qualities is not to get defensive early and be conservative on possession. He used a variation of the 4-2-3-1 to great effect at Real Madrid, and with this system he will continue that approach at Chelsea.

Chelsea have already started games in the manner we expect, with some great work on the ball by Nemanja Matic and Oscar, and this has created several chances. It has to be said that we have seen that Chelsea are actually able to defend this style of football with relative ease.

Chelsea’s chances created in the first half against Hull City

The first real problem that Chelsea had was getting out of their own half to press with urgency. With the players behind Cahill and Matic doing a great job of forcing the issue forward, the pace of the forwards pushed this problem over the top. A lack of cohesion at the back became a problem.

They would always play in a very linear fashion, with Cahill and Matic pressing from deep. The way in which Matic and Cahill were defending made it difficult for other players to break quickly through. It was almost as if the defensive line was stuck in place, and it was difficult for the back four and midfield to cope with.

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The problem was even worse when Cahill was forced off for Oscar. Oscar has the intelligence to move from the back to provide attacking support, but there was a significant lack of cohesion at the back, with Cahill and Matic not keeping up with one another. That has left the back four playing from deep.

Hull City’s first goal came when Oscar was forced out wide by a loose Nemanja Matic pass

There is also confusion around Oscar when he is on the pitch, as he is often confused about where to go. What is most worrying is that the Chelsea players seem to trust him to create chances, but aren’t able to read him as quickly as they need to. He also fails to adapt quickly to a new back four.

We don’t want to make any claims that this is one of the worst things that Mourinho has done, but it is one issue that we would like to see

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