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The game is a 2D open world fantasy RPG in which players have to explore an expansive universe.

Can I play it on my PC? Yes, the gameplay can be played in any modern computer.

What is the demo and how did you guys make it? The demo is available at the game’s website and at our booth at PAX West!

Can I see it before the game goes gold? Yes, you can get a glimpse of the game’s gameplay and UI during our panel at PAX West!

Did we tell you we’re super open to feedback? Yes, we’re always thinking of ways to improve the game. Please shoot us a line.

Do I need to buy the PC or Mac version? Neither! The PC and Mac versions are both free, however you will need to update your game to the latest versions of PC and Mac OSX to play.

Will the Mac version run on my Mac too? Yes, the Mac version will work on any recent Intel or AMD Mac operating system.

How much space would I need to install it? If you are installing your game on a 32-bit Mac, just install XCode 5 (the free version) on your Mac, and you can run the game using the defaults. If you want additional space, just download the full game and copy it to your desktop folder.

Why’s the Windows version is all black? That’s because Steam Workshop has an issue with Unity 5 on certain machines (especially those with GPUs that can’t handle shadows). We are working on a workaround that will require a bit more work, but it will hopefully be out in the coming weeks.

Are you targeting $30 on Steam? Yes, we are actively recruiting testers! You can go to our website to ask us questions, and if we need extra volunteers, we’ll add more testers via our forums as the funding goes up.

Can I play it in VR at the same time? No.

What platforms do I need to own? PC and Mac. No DRM, no in-app purchasing or paid DLC.

The New York Times’ Steven Dennis says the NFL’s decision to reinstate DeflateGate is a “civic duty.”

In a piece for The Washington Examiner, Dennis said that a growing number of fans have gotten “hooked” on the issue, which has been used to create a “false narrative” that the Green Bay Packers used deflated footballs in the 2015 NFC Championship

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