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The rarest voice is usually a low frequency (less than a single octave above the octave to its nearest octave) female voice type. This type of female voice is the most likely to be heard on the radio.

What is the rarest male voice type?

The rarest male voice type is usually a higher frequency male voice type. This type of male voice is often heard on the radio.

Are there male voices that do not sound male on the radio?

Certain voice types are hard to tell apart from each other on the radio. Some are a high-frequency and low octave and are the ones most likely to be heard as male. However, there are many voice types and many voices that can’t be put into one group. For example, a deep female voice can appear somewhere on the radio as having a low and very high frequency. Many female voices have a low and very high octave voice.

Are there a lot of men on TV?

Yes. TV programming in the US is saturated with male characters.

Can a male radio voice be different?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption India’s largest television network owns three of the top five channels in India

The news that four companies, including India’s largest television station, NDTV, are to launch a joint venture to provide internet TV content to subscribers in India has been met with anger, including from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Many have called on government leaders in Delhi to cancel the decision, while the Indian government has been accused of trying to placate the powerful industry.
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The move is another example of how India is rapidly becoming a world leader in technology.

In a speech to the media, Mr Modi praised India’s success in a market where the internet has had little impact and accused the US and Europe of making global leaders use it just to make money.

He said the internet offers free access because it is global.

“There’s another global market with people’s information in it,” he added.

Image caption The three biggest broadcasters – NDTV, CNN-IBN and CNN-IBN-TV – will have their own channels

Mr Modi, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, has used the same term before when discussing digitalisation.

He first used the term, and said many people across the world use the internet to access information but India is different because it is a large,

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