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Is it the rarest female vocal type?

In the 1970s, the National Endowment for the Humanities, in an effort to understand the voices of women, began to collect information from the public with the goal of determining a range of unique gender-specific voices. The primary focus of that effort is in terms of sound production (voice quality), but there is a wider understanding of “vocal type” as well.

The main problem faced by researchers attempting to measure the female voice type is the vast difference between a person’s speaking style and her actual voice. For instance, a lady’s voice may be softer and less full when compared to a dude: her voice may be more rounded or sibilant. That could lead researchers to classify female voices in one of three ways:


Boys’ voices tend to come closer to the adult speaking voice, but they may often use the male vocal chords for more fullness, whereas girls use a different set of chordal sounds.

Tween Girls’ voices generally have a slightly softer sound to them when compared to boys, but with more sibilance. This, however, can be a problem in certain situations.

Adult Women

Adult women’s voices tend to be slightly more rounded when compared to teens, as well as more sibilant in some situations.

In general, adult females’ voices tend to vary in an almost circular way and most males’ voices will seem more “louder” than other females. The general rule is that adult females who tend to be sibilant, rounded or soft sounding are more likely to sound “mature” while less sibilant and rounded voices (i.e. older women) tend to seem more “puffy.”
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What are some of the common female vocal types?

There might be a lot of female vocal types, but here are some of the more common vocal types found in the public, or in a particular niche field:

Female Vocal Type 1.1 – Non-possessive

A person who naturally sounds like a woman’s voice. Non-possessive, or a person who naturally sounds like a girl’s voice, is a person who sounds like someone the person knows, but is male or female. Often, the person who voices female non-possessive is a man, as well as older women.

Female Vocal Type 1.1.001 Sibilant

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