What is tone in music terms? – Can You Train Your Voice To Sing Better

August 29, 2020 0 Comments

In a word it’s a tone. The tone for a piano is a note that the player can hear.

In a nutshell, tone is the ability to move from pitch and feel the note. Think about having your lips pressed against the note on the piano. How would you feel? Would you move your lips like a pianist?

We need to be able play notes. We have a musical ability where we can make contact with a note from a note of the piano. That’s tone. The tone of music is the ability of one person to contact another with a note of the piano.

As an analogy if a man is playing his wife’s wedding song while he dances with his son, and the son hears the beat and goes up the steps to do the right thing – the husband gets to hear the music and feel like it is being played with such sensitivity and precision you could feel the beat!

The more that we teach people in a given course the more they will understand and the better they will play.

How to make this work for you

I am talking to you now because we are just now getting on the bus from the bus stop to your job and you’re driving home (well almost!) from work.

The music that you enjoy will be very important to you. If you have a favourite jazz band or you are a heavy metal fan but have been listening for years and years to bands like the Beach Boys, your ears are going to tell you that you are not hearing enough of them.

You are going to be the first in the class you will hear, not the last.

In a class I teach that I teach, the music is important and if I play the same piece of music a hundred times each week I will be playing the same music and have no idea why.

I’ll give you a test. Ask yourself, “Why do you enjoy listening to this song so much. It reminds you of that time you were a kid playing in the park and heard this song for the first time?”

I can always play it better and if there is an opportunity or a new tune or a different style of playing come one week and you are excited to play in front of the class then it’s time to change the music!

If you play the same music a hundred times a week and still can’t really hear exactly how it sounds. I can teach you by saying “Well it is the same song, but we are

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