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To the right is the list. The first note has type string. The second note is a keyword that is not part of the string list.

Let’s write a function to print the note’s key on the right. Notice it uses the print keyword. It’s the default one for C functions.

#include int main() { switch (key) { case note::note_key:(char*); break; // note type } }

Let’s define our first character. This is the main switch statement in C. When we execute it, it gets executed. Here is an example:

switch (*key) { case note::note_key:(char*)0x00{ system(“cat.txt”); } break; // note type }

All of those characters are the note key.

What is a C switch statement?

In C, the switch statement has two parts; the case and the break parts. When you look at the switch statement, you see it has an expression in place of the case.

When it switches the case statement to the break part, the code continues to execute in another statement. To make it more confusing we see in the example that the code in the case continues in the break block, but the block itself executes the switch statement.

Let’s understand the switch statement more. This is what makes the switch statements confusing. Whenever you have one of these things, think about the break part instead of the case part. Otherwise you will get confused.

How to do this correctly is the main concern when you use it. When something happens in the switch block, the code executes. When the switch statement is not in the break part, it executes the actual case.

We can read more about this in the C Manual. It explains that switch statements that are not in the match block are executed if the case is not in the break part.

How we can understand it better? Consider this example:

switch (*key) { case note::foo2: system(“cat.txt”); break; case note::bar2: system(“cat.txt”); break; // note key }

The first two lines here are the case and break sections. The line break is part of the break part of the switch statement. We are interested in the string note_key. If note_key is a variable, it gets the string value from the note variable. If it

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