What percent of the population can sing? – How To Learn Singing Notes Bavaro

November 4, 2020 0 Comments

About 75 percent. I know of a woman who was a good performer at age 17—she had more than 100,000 hits.

Can you remember your first radio show and how many people tuned in?

Of course I can remember. It used to be there was not a television program on the radio—and I remember it happened to me when I was 16. I had a microphone I called my “show” and I sat there in front of a microphone and listened to radio news—I have to say, there were very few people who would turn the TV off and tune in to listen to what was going on in the news.

One of the many great things about the Internet is that we have all this information about what is going on in the world right now. There was no way to know that the World Trade Center was going to collapse before it happened. It took a huge amount of people who listened to news reports on radio, to the Internet—and I mean this quite literally. For many Americans who had not done Internet research before, it was very overwhelming. But the great thing about the Internet is you can go down to a local radio station and hear a lot more about what’s going on than you would in a national broadcast station. There was this enormous influx of information and analysis in the late ’90s and early 2000. People were using the Internet to find out what the issues were or to find out what the events were in other countries.

Are there any aspects of your life that you think were impacted by the Internet?

I think the Internet is a tremendous tool because people want to get stuff out quick. There was a guy who said to me, he has a very busy business in the entertainment trade. He was saying what he did is very different from what people in advertising do—and he was saying that he had been doing it a long time. When he started out, they would give him a list, they would give him a tape, and he’d go out and meet people, and he’d get everything in a week or two. Now he does this one-on-one sales and he doesn’t have an extensive list and he doesn’t go out and meet as many people, but he’s still doing it. That’s what I do. I’m very selective and I don’t go out and meet as many people—I try to spend more time with these people that I actually enjoy talking to. I want to make sure that my ideas are well

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