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The larynx is typically found in the upper arm. What happens to the windpipe when someone is injured in an accident on the windpipe? The windpipe is made of fluid that contains the oxygenated air that a person breathes in. The fluid inside the windpipe is not fluid but rather a soft tissue and bone structure that has to be supported when the windpipe is damaged. When the windpipe is damaged, a section of the bone is forced through the opening and away from the windpipe. In some people, a blood vessel, or a portion of the blood vessel, has been removed from the outside of the windpipe, causing it to swell. When this happens, the windpipe is not protected. If the blood vessel is not protected, a hole develops to ventilate the blood to the surrounding air. This happens most commonly in the chest region. What happens to the airways in an aneurysm? Some aneurysms are localized but if they form in more than a few areas, one aneurysm may be in many locations. For example, if the ventricular septal defect is found in the aorta, a ventricular septal defect can move into several locations in the heart, the lungs, or the chest wall. In such cases, the aneurysm can form in these places and other areas of the heart that aren’t affected by the aorta. What causes aneurysms? Some cases of rupture of a blood vessel lead to aneurysms, which lead to rupture of two blood vessels in the body: a wall vein and an artery and vein. When these two blood vessels become compromised by aneurysms, the aneurysm can rupture and cause blood to leak from the heart into the lungs, heart, or other parts of the body. When an aneurysm starts forming, it’s difficult to detect and treat. When the blood goes into the lungs, it will be pumped out to the outside of the body, so treating this problem by removing or cutting out the aneurysm is one of the most effective strategies for treating this problem. The aneurysm may then take another step in rupturing and causing blood to flow out of the heart, or the blood may be allowed to flow back into the heart. This process continues as longer periods pass without the diagnosis of a true aneurysm. If a person has severe aneurysms, they may not survive. What are some of
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