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The following values would be the same in the case of a ‘default’ set of keys: -6 (default)

(default) -16 (increase)

(increase) 7 (decrease)

For the example below, the ‘default’ case may be selected for a particular key from the list:

# List of keys with their default values 1. QWERTY 2. SHIFT 3. LEFTALT D4 4. E4 5. LEFTWHEEL 5 6. C1 7. D4

To switch between the keys and their default values, use the “1 2 3” keybindings.

A more extensive guide to the keyboard layout may be found on the Linux documentation site.

Binding a key to a modifier

When performing mod bindings, the ‘default’ key (e.g. Shift) will be bound to the ‘modifier’ command. A number of different command types are supported; these are shown with their descriptions on the configuration page:

/ Modifiers

/ Key modifier C (Alt) X (control) B (backspace) L (lowercase)

The / Modifiers command only works with the keyboard layout file found in the home directory. To change the file location, make sure that the home directory is set to the same directory as the configuration. To move the configuration to the different directory, run the command `hdiutil moveconfig’.

Keyboard binding

If key modifiers are a part of the layout, the layout may be found in /usr/share/X11/xkb/ . In the default layout, it is found just under `XKB_Base’/config/xkb-default.cfg . This file might be changed for the case of specific keys. If this is the case, the default key layout is usually used to bind the key.

For the example below, the key may be bound to an X modifier (Shift, Control, or ALT, if supported by the X Window System):

# Bind the key to the modifier X (shift, control, alt) M9: (CTRL-D on a Mac)

The following keys are not commonly used and require no custom binding: D, Shift_JK, Backspace, Tab, PgUp, PgDn, Right_Arrow, Left_Arrow, and Left

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