Which key is higher C or G? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms And Spiritual Songs For Funerals

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(I could say ‘B’). But in reality, most people don’t really know. In fact, it’s highly relevant to what kind of guitar you have. You can easily mistake an electric-only guitar for an acoustic or bass guitar – it all boils down to how much you actually use these two keys and how you’re playing them. In other words, what you hear on the recordings in our studio is only an approximation of the real thing.

I also like to go for a really aggressive type of sound but in a traditional way. The more you want to make an aggressive sound in one of the keys, the more you have to work on the other key. It could be more of a change of the sound in the other key – but you can easily change the sound in every key, in any way. I always think what you’re hearing on the recordings is exactly what you’ll hear in real life.

I don’t really play with a pick. I might use my index and middle fingers for picking, because it feels better in a way – but I don’t use a pick a lot. I use a rubber pick, or a cheap, disposable one. It’s very easy to get the sound you need by playing in a way that I’ve been doing since I was 17.

Are you still playing in a band now?

My wife gave me a new guitar last year, which I really love to play. My dad has been playing since he was a kid and has been very friendly to me ever since. He’s playing with them a lot at the moment. They’ve got a big part of the music going and I feel very happy coming to shows with them. If my music ever reached the level they’re doing, I want to be there when they perform. I’m happy to do it with anyone, and if I don’t, I’ll play anything.

You have an absolutely stunning voice, which is also very musical. Is that something you would like to do and how do you know enough to perform?

To be truthful with you, I don’t know any other way that I can make it in music than through songwriting and melodies. I just put words out there. That’s all I do. Music goes in everything. But if I could make it with a few more things at this stage, I’d like to concentrate more on melody, because with songs like this – which are about a story line – it’s just such a great opportunity to play

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