Why do cricket pitchers run? – Can I Learn To Sing At 25

August 22, 2020 0 Comments

Do they have to be big, strong, and fast? Or do they only have to stand on your pitch with the ball, swing at it and hope it goes over the fence in the distance?”

A few months ago, I attended the first ever annual event devoted to making the sport more appealing. The International Cricket Centre was on the north lawn of the ICC headquarters in Bangalore.

The crowd, comprising mostly men in their 30s, 80s, and 90s, was a mix of young and old. The only person in the crowd in good shape was an elderly, white-haired woman. She had just finished a marathon run. Her son kept her company.

The centre is supposed to be a sports and innovation hub of sorts but, if anything, it feels more like a football training centre.

I started thinking about how the ICC’s latest attempt at getting more people hooked on sport might fit into the overall plans under India’s cricket czar, Sunil Gavaskar.

As India continues to struggle with a host of issues, including a lack of infrastructure, there are many voices urging the cricket community to look to the future with optimism.

One such voice — former India captain and current BCCI chief Sanjay Bangar — has recently called for more sports and events on the national and international stage.

Bangar has called on sports leaders to take the sports agenda from “a bottom-up approach,” which focuses on the domestic game, to an “inclusive approach” that looks beyond that context of football, cricket, and other sports. They also need to “think how a sport could grow” once it has “an authentic global footprint,” he told a conference organised by the International Center for Sport Leadership by the Cricket Foundation.

In an interview at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore on Jan. 28, Bangar added that not just the Indian sporting leadership can help India catch up with world leaders, but the entire community as an entire.

He told IANS: “For us to move from an inclusive approach to an inclusive approach, we need more and more sports leaders, more and more sports institutions. If we can do sports and get a sports ministry under our ministry of sport, we’ll also have more and more sports leadership.” “We have to push it forward. It has to be a global sport now,” Bangar added. “What we need are some national athletic federations. The sport needs athletes from all kinds of countries.”

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