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Uke strings should be soft, because the strings themselves are soft. An elastic uke string is a stiffer string than a loose uke string. Also, ukulele strings can easily pull each other out of their housing if string tension gets too high. For strings that have a lot of string tension, they would need to be tightly wrapped because that extra string tension can hurt them. Uke strings are not supposed to be tightly wrapped.

Is a koa or kappa wood ukulele string considered “soft” in relation to the wood’s elastic properties?

Yes. These strings should be soft enough to be able to be pulled along the string gauge without feeling the string pull. Most strings tend to have a soft, squishy feel when stretched. So you really have to pull them to feel it.

But most kappa wood strings (KA-KOTT) are much more brittle than their pear-shaped counterparts. A soft kappa woods kata can become very sharp when stretched and will sometimes tear a string after breaking it. A hard kata wood can hold its shape, and also be very durable. Because of their characteristics, you could safely use a kata wood uke string for playing and storing any instrument.

What’s the difference between a normal and a soft kata string?

A hard kata is a special kind of soft kata, usually made of kaku (an extremely rare and beautiful type of wood) or uchino (a more common wood). The kata is soft and elastic because its outer wood has a tiny crack that gives a lot of resistance to the pressure. However, this is a very tiny crack, so it won’t cause a problem when the string is twisted. Hard kata strings can be made of the most difficult material on the planet, but are still very hard to get the string to stick. If you use something like a soft bow string, the crack might never appear, but the strings will break when you try to stretch them.

A kata wood is soft enough that by holding it, you’re able to get it to stick. However, if the bow player is holding a softer kata instead. then the crack might never appear, but the strings will break just by pulling.

Why is a uke string so tight, while a koto or kappa is loose?

Many people buy instruments that have a tight koto or kappa string. The

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