Do I need short nails to play guitar? – How To Learn Guitar Chords Quickly Soften

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Short fingered guitar players do. I don’t have much experience with them but I do know that the short nails are very necessary for some people. But don’t take this as a challenge! All you have to do is put a pair of short fingered nylon safety nubs in the middle of your index and first finger.

If you are interested in becoming a short-nosed guitar player check out our guide on how to become a short-nosed guitar player.

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison took the blame for two plays the final five minutes of Sunday’s 27-22 win over the New York Giants, but he did not want to be blamed for one play that ultimately cost Pittsburgh a chance to advance to the AFC Championship Game.

A botched snap by wide receiver Antonio Brown led to Harrison’s sack, and in the return game to end the Giants’ season, he was flagged with an unnecessary roughness penalty for a hard hit on the Giants’ Eli Manning.

It was not a good look for Harrison, who was at fault on three of five plays after the hit. But one play he did not deserve a personal foul.

“Just had a little play go wrong,” Harrison says. “But you know, things happen, and there were a couple things that came up that were tough, and I was fortunate enough to not be one of them. I’m thankful to get a clean slate this week.

“I don’t take much for granted. As soon as things do go wrong, they go wrong. I’m glad for that, because if that keeps me healthy and helps us win games, cool.”
Simple Tips to Help you Sing Better and Hit Higher Notes ...

Harrison did not say who he believed should have gotten a personal foul for the hit. However, he pointed to Manning, saying, “We had a big opportunity down the stretch, but we just missed it.”

Brown had seven receptions for 106 yards and three touchdowns, but also threw an interception to hold off Pittsburgh, which was playing its last regular-season game before the playoffs.

Buster Skrine replaced Brown and finished 19-of-33 for 205 yards and had a 7-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter. In a game where Pittsburgh held the Giants to 17 points after halftime, it was Skrine’s second game without a touchdown in that span.

Harrison, who will start against the Cleveland Browns on the road next week, is the first Steelers player since quarterbacking the 2002 team

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