Do I need short nails to play guitar? – Youtube Learn To Play The Ukulele Possum Song Hawaiian War

November 15, 2020 0 Comments

No, you do not!

If you are thinking of playing short fingered, you can check out this instructional video I made which tells you that short nails do not hurt guitar. You may have to get used to it on a few sessions as the longer nails are a bigger pain to play than short nails.

How do I play more like Hendrix (with short nails)?

You can play more Hendrix-like by learning to play shorter fingers from a few techniques. This can lead to more natural movement and improved fingering. The following steps are some helpful hints to help you learn to play better Hendrix fingering.

1) Start with the short fingered approach. If you haven’t noticed, the longer nails are harder for most players to play and you can play them more naturally. You can also work on fingering by doing the following fingerings.

2) Start from the root of the scale where each fingered note should be a note. You can then follow this process to learn fingering.

3) To play a longer fingered scale the fingered notes will be longer so you need to work on them one note at a time.

4) Finally find a technique which works for you and develop it. This is what I recommend you do to learn the above technique.

To learn more about Hendrix, visit and if you can’t see me yet, don’t worry, I’m back on the blog, learning lessons and trying to get new fans!

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