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(In case you’re a parent) There is a pick for the ukulele if you’re a parent. If you are not a parent, you’re probably not going to use it (because we cannot afford to carry more than 4 people and also you’re not going to play a game of ukulele). It’s a great pick for the first game of a group when no one is used to singing on ukulele. We can bring 6 players or maybe 10 for a smaller group.

If you need a pick for the ukulele, there are a number of places to get a great pick that you can use. One of our players who played in Europe last year also played in Korea. He played the guitar ukulele which is pretty nice.

Can people play with an open karaoke bag? Yes, there is a karaoke bag option to bring at the venue. Just bring some ear mics or headphones and let us know.

Can we bring food to play? There is a variety of food options at Lush and the club to choose from.

Does it happen to be a very hot day in Toronto? We hope so. There are a few things you can do. Bring plenty of water, wear appropriate clothes and be ready to sing karaoke when we have music available. We usually play on Friday and Saturday nights during warmer weather, so if you want a place to play, make it during them.

Do you bring food? If you do bring food you’ll find all the typical Korean restaurants here at Lush: Ippudo (chicken wings), Japaneese Steakhouse (bacon burgers), KFC Kookoo (Korean fried chicken), and Don’t forget our Korean BBQ for you to enjoy your meal! If you don’t mind bringing a few extra items (and it’s OK if the food at Lush costs more than you’d like) we even bring our own special Korean BBQ (we call them “Lush-yak”), which is very good.

In case you’d like to watch Lush concert or get a game demo (at our own cost) we have a Youtube channel that features some videos and music videos from Lush members! Go check them out; also check out our youtube channel to see a lot of our videos.

Why are we not in Toronto? Lush is in Toronto but we are also located in Amsterdam. We only have one

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