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October 15, 2020 0 Comments

If not, then why not?

I am so excited to play on my own. I will need a few more hours this week to make sure that the final shape of the kit is correct. I’ll try to post video when I have time.

To keep track with progress as you go, visit my Patreon page!

Here is the first video of the kit, and a short description of how it was made:
Ukulele Songs Beginner Fingerpicking , Ukulele Songs Beginner in ...

For those who don’t know, my ukulele looks incredibly silly to me. It’s got a large and flat soundhole at the top of it, but a much smaller soundhole at the back. The top hole isn’t connected to anything. So, I had to use a spring/spring-loaded speaker to move it all of the way to an octave below the other soundholes. When it is just above the other sides, all the music will be muffled. It was fun to make, but would be even bigger fun if it had a normal bottom hole instead of two small holes at the back.

I’m so happy to finally see the final version!

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