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If you want to learn ukulele fast, follow these simple tips:

1. Play your songs/plays fast.

If you don’t like music, you’re just not going to enjoy ukulele fast, right? However, if you want to play songs fast, you have to take a lot of practice. Play the songs you like fast, but not the kind you’re currently using, and only practice with these songs for a period of time. You can’t expect to be able to play songs faster than you are now. Just keep playing for a long time and if you can sustain it to get your playing speed up again, your playing will continue to improve.

2. Find a ukulele that you truly love.

Find a ukulele that you can play with ease. There is no ukulele that you can afford to spend months on. And this way, you can enjoy your time on the ukulele with more focus. Don’t play just one song a day.
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3. Practice on real ukulele strings (regular or hybrid).

Learning to play ukulele fast is easier with real ukulele strings. You get an additional layer of musicality. Learn the strings on the ukulele you already own. If you’re not sure which string you like, or you’re just not feeling that “special” feeling that you get with hybrid ukuleles, purchase one of the regular and hybrid ukuleles. The more accurate you can be with these “real” strings, the faster and better your playing will improve.

4. Practice ukulele slow with your guitar.

There are several ways to try and practice ukulele slow in your guitar: Playing on real ukulele strings, using your hands on real ukulele strings, or using the “kajal technique” of keeping your ukulele strings at a higher tension on your ukulele while you play.

5. Study songs.

Study songs. You have to watch/practice with ukulele music to be able to practice with real ukulele music. You also have to study and learn the song quickly in order for it to become a part of your playing and not just a “nice to HAND” that you use when you play when you want to stop.

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