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I hear it’s something like this:

I’m so used to hearing it, and I hear it now, but I didn’t actually think about it that much before I gave up and started playing the ukulele. It’s just one of those things that you hear and you don’t even know where it came from. Sometimes I get this sense that it was given to someone, and it sort of just took off. A song like “The Moon,” that just really speaks to me. For some reason, it’s got something about it.

What was the reaction inside the band to this song?

It wasn’t my original idea. I was just writing it and thinking: “I know how this comes out. It’s supposed to feel like this.” I was singing it on the bus, sitting in this tiny little studio in Seattle with no studio speakers. There was no amp, no guitar, nothing. That’s my version of “Moon.”

You’ve said you were inspired by “My Own Summer.” Do you still feel like it holds that kind of relevance for you?
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Yes, I still feel that way. I like the way it’s written, it feels sort of like a dream. This was the time that I was on the road with my tour manager doing some record tours, and I got out of there as soon as I had the idea in my head. That was about a year and a half ago, and then I was in France doing some things, and they started talking to me about this song, and then I had another idea. All these songs just sort of popped up there.

It’s interesting, because I haven’t listened to it in five years, but I still remember that vibe you were leaving me with. Is that a sound you want to leave a legacy? Do you still feel that kind of longing for people?

Yeah, I guess. I love that feeling, and then a long time later, I come home listening to it, and I’m like, “I’m glad something inspired me.” I want people to know that I know that I can say something, and that it’s good for them, it’s going to help them out, it’s going to help me out, and all I need is people to be interested enough to listen and take a moment of their time and check it out.

What was the most important record that you produced?

We had this album, we were doing some international tour

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