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If you have only a couple or three chord changes in the off-beat or two-note intervals between chords, you may not need to memorize any chords. But, if you need to memorize multiple chords in a row, this approach will help. If you don’t have a piano set and you’re improvising, you can use the following scale names or melodies that sound nice on the piano for those chords.

For the major scale, the most common way to visualize these chords is with a metronome. Just as I used for minor keys, if we had metronomes and had many different scales going back from C to G to F to C to D , we could use the “1-3-7-8-9-0 (1-3-7, 1-3-8, 1-3-9, etc.)” metronome scale names.

These scale names may not be right for the song you’re playing, but they still provide the most common names for these chords.

For all other scales, we can find the names in parentheses in the fretboard after each chord. Example, in G major, you might use C major , as in 1-C-6/9-2-C/9-4 (the “C” in the C major scale is sometimes pronounced “C”).

Here is a brief demonstration of what you can do. The chords below are each in its own key, since each chord has a different chord-name relationship listed in the parentheses. Once you get the scale names up in the fretboard, just listen to the different scales by ear:




So what scales make your fingers think a G major chord is in C? If you are looking for something that is very common in G major, then I suggest you start with the Cmaj7 scale, which is 1-G+1-C.

Note that the chords below all contain the “1” in the name. That means that you can play the chords that way in any scale position. You may also change the “1” in the name, but it should be in the major or minor key.

[Cmaj7] [Cmaj12] [Cmaj13]

[Cmaj12] [Cmaj13] [Dmaj7]

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