How long does it take to get good at ukulele? – Learn How To Play Ukulele App

September 2, 2020 0 Comments

I mean, like, I can do it, I’ve never actually tried?

The short answer is: never, and I’m trying to improve. In a recent series of posts I’ve been talking about how I feel about ukulele, this is what I’ve noticed:

Playing new songs and taking steps to learn tunes can be intimidating. But, once you’ve learned a tune, every time you play it, you’re putting yourself into a world of learning. The fun part about learning is that things that you’ve always thought would be difficult are now not.

I’m not talking about how quickly it takes you. I am just talking about how long it takes you to get good. This is a simple one. It’s not even that hard. It’s just a matter of time.

“You know, the only thing I get frustrated about is how long it takes me to learn something – which should be easy!”

“But we’re having this session in 5 minutes! We’re not just saying ‘hey, how long do we need?’ I’m thinking about every note and every fingering, every sound and every note. The longer it takes…the more frustrated I’ll be.”
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“Maybe…just a few more words, and we can get started.”

That “more,” of course, usually ends up being more than you need.

I have a little project I’m going to be doing over the next month, where I need to learn about a specific time period, the “day” of the week. I decided to go with a little experiment with this: I’m going to be talking about something each morning. I’m going to talk about the weather, like temperature. I’ll also be talking about the city I’m living in, and the things it does to my personality. The goal will be to hear a record from the mid-90s and not be surprised if they didn’t cover the song! I’m using iTunes as my podcast host. I’ll also be talking about what I’m watching, why I keep on getting lost, and why I can’t find my keys sometimes. It’ll be fun.

I’m in the process of learning this stuff so that I can learn the songs, not just talk about the weather. It’s not like I’m not going to do both all the time. So if this experiment doesn’t work out, that would be fine too.

There are a few things we’re

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