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There is no strict timetable for this. The key idea is that, even if you aren’t an accomplished ukulele player by all accounts, as long as you enjoy the instrument, you can improve and learn to play well (or at least, enjoy playing well) over time. Many things will contribute to that, but my personal experience shows that getting comfortable with each instrument is actually one of the best things I’ve done in the past ten years .

What is the difference between ukuleles and woodwinds?

Woodwinds and ukuleles are both woodwinds, but woodwinds have been more often associated with music compared with ukuleles, which are traditionally associated with many things. Woodwinds have a tonal quality with a broad range of vibrato options and timbres. They can be used for both singing and instrumental music. Ukeleles are usually associated with singing, the guitar, and some other popular instruments. Ukelele sounds are typically brighter than woodwinds and ukelele can be more flexible in timbre. The difference between these two styles of instrument is a consequence of the fact that the woodwind instrument is not traditionally the instrument that is most used in the performing arts.

How do you feel about the current instrument scene in the U.S.? Have people approached you about participating in it?
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I’m not really into the scene, although it has become a lot more interesting recently (see the article by Tim Stolze for some interesting statistics). I’ve always been interested though in musical instrument performance because of its unique form and how difficult it can be to get involved in a community. I feel like musical instrument performance is important, but I want to see people getting a little more involved and making a difference.

What’s one thing you would like to see happen with your instrument career?

First and foremost, I would like to hear from new ukulele makers and have some of them learn how to make ukuleles. It wouldn’t be much of a job, but someone could get a bunch of other ukulele makers together to teach them how to make their instrument. Then we could just have a lot more people playing in small musical settings.

What is your favorite part of ukulele playing?

It would probably have to be the joy of learning the instrument. When you hear someone playing a ukele and you recognize the sound

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