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In the case of “learning a ukulele”, I’d have to say that it takes about one to two years of real life learning and practicing. If you don’t learn the basics of music at school, or if you want to learn a new instrument (even with the best tutors possible), the first step towards mastering it would be for you to start practicing by singing from a ukulele on a guitar, or a piano. In order to learn the basics, you need practice. That’s how the best ukulele players were.

Do we still need the kenning?

The concept of a “kenning” in ukulele is actually something quite different from the “kanjin” we are used to. In kenning, we just put something on the string (in case of a guitar and ukulele we just put a tuner, which has been a standard instrument for many decades) and try to tune it at an easy level. In all ukulele instruments, tuning instruments is done using an electric bass. Here are the tuning points for a bass guitar ukulele.

The reason for this is very simple: you want to play at an easy tuning. The same is true for the strings. Every ukulele instrument has a different tuning point than the other one. So, you can play different melodies at the same level for a while and at the same time. However, by learning the tuning points of a bass guitar ukulele, you would also learn the note names “A” and “V”, the notes for all scales and fingerings.

Why not just learn the keys of kenning and then “learn everything”?

As you see, you don’t need to “learn everything”. You can learn keys of kenning, and learn scales and fingerings. However, in my opinion it’s much more easy to memorize the notes of “A” than all the notes of “V”.

The following picture below shows that the notes of “A” are actually very hard to recognize due to the fact that you tend to play them as soon as possible after being introduced, in order to play them, even if you don’t have the opportunity to practice them at home. In other words, a practice routine that includes all the notes and fingerings you play during a jam session is very difficult to follow.


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