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This depends on a huge number of factors. The majority of people learning ukulele don’t even realise that they need a teacher and if they don’t have a teacher they need to learn by trial and errors. So you will need to develop a good ear in order to work out whether it is really an interest you have or not. I don’t think many will be interested in learning in a class or a club or any kind of regular music event. There are thousands of music students who have no desire to learn and the thing that I will say is that many ukulele players in the UK are very much looking forward to going on vacation with friends and having a few days to relax before they go to the gym. A few weeks in a new country can really get them excited and motivated to go all out to learn. The problem is if you don’t have time to go on holidays just to learn, as the most you will learn in a year of learning is 5-7 weeks.
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On that note, there are countless books out there that cover everything from ukulele techniques to tips to take out and practice, but very few with anything specific to ukulele. If you are considering buying a ukulele, look up your local library. If you can find a few books dedicated to Uke Play you can be up and running in no time. The vast majority of books cover playing the ukulele solo by ear and are about learning the ukulele by ear. I do not claim that I have any special knowledge, but there are lots of excellent reviews on websites, forums and social media. I found the reviews on the books on Amazon very helpful but there will always be those reviewers with special approaches, which can be tough to decipher.

What is the best bass ukulele?

There are plenty of bass ukulele out on the market today and all of them are quite different on the look and feel. Some of them are made of high quality plastic and very hard (or soft) but not as difficult to break or break easily. There are lots of bass ukuleles out there, but not all of them are exactly the same. Some have a thin sound, some have a fuller sound with more attack and some have a more controlled way of playing. The good news is that all of these bass ukuleles are a whole lot cheaper than their bigger brothers, and they are all very similar from the looks

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