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There are five common sized ukuleles. They vary in price, but here is what some of them cost:

K3 – £200

K2 – £150

K1 – £125

K = 9

The price tag for a k 3 is a pretty reasonable 12, with the K4 (K3) being £12 more expensive, but still not out of range for more serious players. The k 12 k 3, though, is a special model, making it a much more expensive instrument than you might expect. It can be had for an even lower price now though.

A k 3 for £200 might seem like no real difference. However, it takes away from the sound quality of a k 2, and the k 12 has a lot more harmonic content compared with other ukulele models.

How to buy one online
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The best place to get a k 3 is through a trusted online store, like Ebay or Guitar Center. This will give you your fair price and will be a direct link to their catalogue online. Ebay usually offers the highest quality instruments at great prices, and Guitar Center will deliver a great instrument at a much lower price.

If you buy online from a guitar shop, they might have been sold in stock and will have a low stock status, which means they won’t ship immediately, and they are a lower quality instrument than the ebay. The guitar store you buy your k 3 from will probably have the best online rating to make sure customers can trust the store with their instrument.

On the other hand, if you buy online from Ebay or Guitar Center, you can get a better selection of instruments and have an assurance that the item is in the correct condition. It’s also possible for sellers to take a loss on the item. However, the online retailers will send you a receipt when you buy.

There are also numerous websites and e-tailers where you can buy ukuleles online. If you wish to buy an e-nylon ukulele, there may be an e-store on your favourite web site.

Buy your k 3 before you buy yours! Buy your k 3 before you buy any other instrument you might like. This not only gives you the option for cheap prices, the seller wants them for free. You may also save money by being the first to get some!

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