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August 28, 2020 0 Comments

This is one question we often get asked; but how does a quality ukulele make an audible difference? We’ve been doing a lot of research lately, and we found some interesting statistics to explore.

A few notes: We measured in all the instruments to be used in this study, and we used a variety of methods to get the results. The ukuleles we tried were not necessarily the latest or greatest quality, but the best sounding ukuleles available for sale. The ukuleles included were mostly European and Asian instruments.

We recorded some of the same chords and played them together with the instruments, using different string sets. We also played the same chord combinations with the instruments individually, and played them together with ukuleles, using different strings (a few of the instruments are available with different string sets and can be used to test different strings, too). The recording was done in a very quiet quiet recording studio, with the speakers turned off when we were done. That allowed us to hear each instrument individually and to hear the differences between the different strings.

String Swing® - Ukulele/Mandolin Hanger – Kenny Duncan Guitars
There are also quite a few variables that are considered in determining the sound quality of a ukulele. These are more the personal choice of the consumers and the price. We didn’t have one of the most expensive instruments in the shop at the time to do our test, so we didn’t use a really high-end ukulele. However, we are not going to say that you can’t go too cheap. For instance, the Yamaha B1s have not been really well received recently, even though they are reasonably priced. If you want an even cheaper alternative to the B1s, the Korg MS1 sounds excellent and is an extremely high-quality instrument.

Ukuleles are a little bit more personal than other instruments we test, although they are still all products of the same manufacturers. They may have different string sets, different string choices, and different materials. A ukulele may also have different features like an adjustable pickup, or even an electronic tuner for the tuning. Many of these features, as well as the price, are subjective choices and can significantly influence a review.

We did not find a clear trend, however. In general, a more affordable ukulele is just a little bit better. For instance, the Yamaha B1s are very inexpensive and perform pretty well, but they can sound pretty muddy. We could also

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