Is flute harder than violin? – Beginner Ukulele Songs With Strum Patterns

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If you say it is more so, the answer is yes. The reason is that the two instruments have different harmonics, but the flute has an even higher resonance, and while it is possible to “compensate” for the lack of a perfect sixth when playing violin, there is no way to tune a flute properly (and some would even argue that trying to would be a bad idea, due to the risk of sounding like a woman who knows nothing about music).

(If you want a list of ways to practice flute music, go to

Is this instrument an instrument I’d actually want to learn?

Yes. This instrument is incredibly easy to learn and play. It requires only a handful of notes, and the intervals are well-defined, providing you with a great foundation for playing a great many more songs. You can play it for quite some time before you need to learn any other instrument, and because of its simple layout, it’s a great way to spend time with family and friends.

What should I know about instruments to learn flute?

A flute is a very simple instrument to learn. If you want an education on music education in general, check out It’s not a big deal, but it’s a great place to start. If you’re just looking for basic flute knowledge, check out some of the YouTube videos of professional flutists.

Are there any songs that have been featured in flute festivals around the world?

Founded in 1866, the International Flute Band is a one-stop flute music shop and recording studio. It has produced some incredible albums, including such internationally popular artists as Flutist, Jocasta, and The Flute Players. For more information on flute events in major cities worldwide, visit

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What flute bands are in the Flute Hall of Fame?

Over time, we’ve been fortunate to have many different band members (for example, many of the members of The Flute Players were also members of the Flute Hall of Fame), and we feel this is both an honor and an important aspect of the Flute

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