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Let’s find out.

It sounds great, especially if you like it loud

The “flute as a flute” (fluta). This word was coined in 1667 by German scholar Johannes Stiefel, who defined it as “that which is heard from the bow”. Stiefel wrote that the most common sounds are the sound of the flute’s strings being rolled against the wood.

But it’s not that simple…

This flute is used with a harp and a cello. It is used with the strings of a violin, as well. There are a lot of different shapes and sizes, and if you use the wrong set of keys, it’ll sound like nothing at all.

There’s even a term for this…

Flute as a “blues flute”. This flute is made from a hollowed-out reed, the same wood you will find in your typical flutes. It is a more open sound, and it has a bit more harmonic resonance. Also, a few violins, cellos and violas use wood made from flutes, and you can sometimes find them in older reeds.

Here’s some music you might like to hear

We know how loud this flute is going to be! But it can be even louder

Just imagine how loud this flute will sound when you play with it just on the keys you set…

The flute can be heard to “growl”. When you play with it, you feel this vibrational energy that makes it sound. This vibrational energy is similar to that of a guitar, but instead of the strings, it’s on the air. If you take note of the frequency and volume of the air, you can hear this vibrational energy in the sound of the flute.

With our little flute in hand, we can play some of our favorite tunes!

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The sound of the flute can have a deeper and fuller sound

So what’s the sound of the flute? It doesn’t have anything to do with the sound of the strings, but it can have a deeper and fuller sound than a concert guitar, too. When you first set up this flute, it may have a lower frequency, whereas when you play a little more, you’ll hear a slightly lower high-frequencies.

It’s a great way to hear a flute when playing acoustic music.


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