Is flute harder than violin? – Let It Be Ukulele Chords

August 29, 2020 0 Comments

It doesn’t matter. Flute and violin both have very clear scales. You can make up a “flute scale” from an organ or other small tuning (like the violin scale). You might also be able to apply the same scales to the smaller scale used in many American musical instruments. If flute, violin, or any other instrument is played a small scale above middle C, you should never play it any louder than that. The way to play below middle C is to simply add a pitch of A. Note that this isn’t an exact science; that’s the subject of a separate page.

Can I go wrong with my flutes, violins, and other small scale instruments?

Not unless you’re playing very slow, but if you play too fast, chances are the notes will be too fast to play by ear. So, play slowly. If you play too loudly, then you will have to take a rest to rest you ears. Most of all: enjoy the process of learning to play. As your technique improves, you’ll get better at playing your flutes, violins, and other small scale instruments the right way.

I found a book that taught me how to play like an organ or other small scale instrument, but I have no idea how to play that note in the right key or tempo. How can I start?

First, make absolutely sure your fingers don’t hurt too much. You probably don’t need more than one of these simple tips:

Get your fingers all the way down your guitar to your guitar strings, and hold on as tightly as you can. If you feel a bit lightheaded, relax again if you must, but don’t give up. Most beginner scales can become extremely challenging if played with incorrect technique. If you’re doing things wrong, you’ll just get frustrated and give up.

If you don’t want to go a step further, consider learning this guitar scale. The idea is that when you’re playing, you want each note to sound like it’s in a slightly different key. So, while a certain note of your guitar must be on the A string, in fact that note on the A string is in the same key as, but not quite in the same key as, the note A on the G string.

So, say you have three keys on the guitar, but are trying to find exactly which key should be used to play that note on a particular note (i.e. B is

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