Is it easy to learn ukulele? – Best Way To Learn Songs On Ukulele By Ed

November 13, 2020 0 Comments

There are videos and articles and even a book. All in all, it is a very complicated instrument to learn because of the complicated shapes and the complexity of its sound and articulations.” – Mike Skelton

“This site is a treasure, and the knowledge about this unique instrument has come from several very smart people.

My first guitar, I was in kindergarten, and it was very heavy and not very friendly. One summer of first year, at the age of ten months, I discovered this instrument. I fell on the ground so hard that I was paralyzed, unable to move my left side and I was not sure if I would ever walk again. I had to wait a few years to be able to play again.

Then, as you can see in my photo, I found out how to tune a uke. (It turned out, one of the things that would eventually turn me around after years of being paralyzed, when I started to play a uke, in 2009, was that once you get a good tune it is a matter of minutes)

Another thing that started happening was that as my disability slowly started to ease up, I started to take more and more classes in the ukulele, and a few of my classmates started to ask me questions.

Then I started to start practicing and was able to play to all the pieces in “The Nutcracker” by Rachmaninoff while being unable to do so with a normal ukulele or even a violin.” – Alex Bregman

“I just discovered ukulele last year. I used to play the ukulele with my dad, but I was young and had trouble adjusting to it. So this year, in March 2013, I took it for a spin with my friend and finally got some experience. The only way I know to start this journey is by taking it for a spin.

After a while I was practicing and playing everyday at my home, to get more practice in the evenings or evenings and days at the end of the work week on this hobby that I love. I took the steps to learn the ukulele and I made an error and it got in the way of getting it tuned! When you do this it makes learning very hard and when you make mistakes it is extremely hard because you keep repeating yourself.

That is why I need help, because this year I don’t have any time to keep looking after it, and I need

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