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That’s what some of us need to know,” wrote user JodiMorton.

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“I’ve learned that if you do not know where to go, how to get there and how to live in this city that you live in, you are destined to fall behind,” wrote the late and lamented journalist Jack London. “The best way to learn is to stop being so lost. A place you cannot see makes no sense. The best way to be lost, is to get lost.”

“What the future holds will be an astonishing thing,” wrote former journalist and philosopher Norman Mailer in his essay “A Day Without A Woman.”

“That’s why I’m going on strike,” wrote the late George Gilder, editor-in-chief of the New Republic magazine.

This strike is called by hundreds of thousands of Americans living in the so-called red states, where the Republican Party’s platform and its presidential nominee have been described by its supporters as hostile to women’s rights. Women’s groups say they will not recognize the presidential election by voting.

These are precisely the sorts of people who are now expected to participate in a general strike on the 10 largest U.S. cities, from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, if the Democratic Party candidate does not win the presidency.

But even the most diehard members of the feminist movement are starting to realize they need to be realistic before organizing.

There is a lesson in this for feminists everywhere, writes Susan Faludi of the New York Times, “as they consider what to do.”

The lesson is not that a general strike is a bad idea. The lesson is that it’s not the whole story.

On the way to the American League of Women Voters meeting this week in Washington, D.C., where several thousand marchers were planning to make their objections heard, I heard a striking comparison between the women’s struggles in Wisconsin and Wisconsin over the school voucher program, and Michigan over the right to collect private property taxes. Both of those battles were fought and won by Democratic administrations.

In Wisconsin, the battle began during a recall contest in 2011. The goal was to recall Gov. Scott Walker, who was backed by the powerful, Koch-backed Republican State Central Committee, in that election by Democratic candidates that the group backed. That plan was rejected, however, after an effort to organize tens of thousands

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