Is Piano easier than guitar? – How To Learn Guitar For Beginners Pdf Free

October 9, 2020 0 Comments

It is a little more complicated than that, actually. When you play a few lines, there aren’t any strings behind you. All the parts come from the right-hand, like an orchestra conductor. It’s a little more difficult than that, even though we know it better.

Are there any techniques you have used in your studies to help improve your technique and/or gain clarity in the playing?

I really focus on my voice and my performance. I think that’s one of the main things you need to improve: getting your voice as clear as possible in the playing.

The best thing about a technique is that you know it’s good at doing what you want, whether you’re singing along with it or not. The harder that is, the better it is. When the guitar is playing, a clear voice is a different thing, because the guitar doesn’t need to be clear. It has to be musical. A guitar player uses his mind so much so it gets stuck on the things they are afraid of. They can be afraid of losing the pitch, or they can be afraid to make mistakes and so on. But with a clear voice, they can play it how they want.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received to improve your technique?

It’s a matter of knowing your way. You can’t just do one thing and be strong at that one thing. It’s too much of a challenge. You have to be able to be in the right moment and move your body around how you want with confidence and ease. But that’s something the music teacher can handle for you through training. Just like with any part of music: learning to play something you don’t know is the same as not knowing you don’t know it. The key is to be a little bit confident in every moment. It really does help with the singing, the way you breathe and your tone and your phrasing.

Do you see any opportunities to improve your technique right now?

A lot of times I get frustrated with piano. I don’t get excited to sit down when I’m playing, and it’s always with a song about a girl who’s going through love. So you see that part coming up so often. What I can do is, in rehearsal, when I’m doing the piano thing, I focus on my voice, how I breathe, my tone. I do the same with guitar: I try to be as clear as possible in the playing.

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