Is ukulele better than guitar? – Best Way To Learn To Play The Ukulele With The Atomic Sharks Ukulele

October 2, 2020 0 Comments

The Best Ukuleles: 2020 Buyer’s Guide and Ukulele Reviews ...
Well there are people who claim that ukulele is better and that it’s a better all-rounder, it has more strings for you and it’s more fun. There’s some evidence of that. If you look at a uke guitar you think ukulele is a bit too simple and it has too much string noise. When I first heard one I was like “what is this”, and I was like “I can’t go up to that”. I thought “oh my god, it can play chords, I can put this, that is actually cool, it’s just not the right instrument to play guitar”. Well ukulele has a lot more strings to it, even though you play it with just one string, it’s still a different instrument. It will be an instrument you can play all music but also blues. It’s not just guitar.

Q: What are some of your more recent instrument choices?

I’m going to say electric bass. A lot of people want a bass, they want to have that “sport” bass which is a thing that goes on sale every 10 minutes. You don’t have to take it off the shelf and sell it, it’s in your kitchen. And there are different kinds of bass, there are different kinds of bass drum sets, different kinds of bass guitar sets and I just wanted one that really sounded good. Then I thought, what I don’t like about bass sets is they don’t get out of the way and I don’t want my face moving while I play so I could have a drum seat with me playing. I like to put it over my back and I would be really disappointed if I had to put my face in a drum seat. I’d rather have the bass sit down and you would have to play around with each drum seat, I think it’s better.

Q: Do you have any other instrument projects in the works, or is the ukulele just part of your life?

My ukulele is just one part of my life I love doing all different things. The one thing I know for sure is that the ukulele is one of my favourite instruments. It’s one of the things from when I was a kid that I play the most. It’s my favourite instrument and it’s very personal to me. Most of my friends and my family can’t do a ukulele, they can play guitar, guitar is a great instrument to play,

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