Is ukulele easier than piano? – How To Learn Guitar Faster Chord

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Asked on March 1, 2011

by gm

Answers: 5) – No

3) – Yes

2) – No

1) – No

What are your favourite songs in music?

Asked on February 28, 2011

by Toni

Answers: 7) – It’s not a big thing but when I listen to my own music I tend to have a lot of “tension” or “reclamation”. It’s difficult to play with my eyes but it’s still good fun. The first record I released, “A Very Merry Christmas from the Fabulous Merrymakers” it did really well but I don’t think I would do the music the way I do now if I was a little more nervous or more concerned with how people would respond to me. It’s been a huge help having so many other producers in the club too. We’re always looking to improve stuff because we want things to sound great. It was very fun to work with so many different people so I’m excited to see what kind of music we can produce in five, ten years time.


4) – Probably most people in this country are familiar with pop, and the majority prefer acoustic music but I’d still like to have that pop touch in my music. I always use it in the studio – it’s a very easy way for people to get in touch with what we’ve been doing or why we’re so good at what we’re doing. As a producer you have a big choice with these types of songs and it’s hard to come up with songs that sound good but also work well on the guitar. The only problem with pop is that it’s always ‘on’. You can do a really good dance song and it won’t work at the same time. We have to make the songs come together to make it work. I like the way that the people over at the Fabulous Merrymakers are trying to help us out by creating an atmosphere for things to happen.

3) – I like to write songs based around people I know who I think would enjoy it. If anyone who hasn’t seen me play in person or seen me playing on stage and had no idea what I was about they’d probably have a harder time telling someone what our music is about. Most of my stuff is written around people my friends know, like a song about two old friends (I think is what they’re called), or my parents

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