Should I get a soprano or concert ukulele? – Basic Ukulele Chords

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You may be interested in playing soprano or contralto. I will be recording two vocal groups of five men playing both types of instruments. One will be soprano and the other contralto. The singers will be singing an English/Japanese and a Korean version “Hikane-Ichinomiya-No-Jijou (A Japanese Christmas Story)”. If you would like to sing the concert version as a soprano, you may register at

For further information please visit:

Jazz and Opera History with the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Music.

The World of Jazz History (part of the Tokyo History website): A selection of Japanese music and culture

And for more information about Japanese opera:

National Archives in Tokyo

Japanese Cultural Relations Department

1 September 2017

We’ve got a few updates in this week’s round-up of things to watch out for from the NHL and its teams.

It’s not too many more days until we hear word on whether the Toronto Maple Leafs will be signing NHL free agent center Nazem Kadri as a restricted free agent. The Leafs could have had Kadri at their disposal as the No. 6 center on the Toronto Maple Leafs if they were able to sign him, but there is a strong possibility they won’t.

We’ll hear more Wednesday night from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on what the league will do moving forward, in the wake of unrestricted free agent defensemen Ryan Ellis and Kevin Shattenkirk agreeing to terms with the Detroit Red Wings.

On the same day the Leafs signed Kadri to a 3-year deal, the Edmonton Oilers signed forward Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a five-year contract worth $29.8 million. Nugent-Hopkins, who was a free agent, is inked a two-year deal to stay in Edmonton.

In addition to his current contract, Nugent-Hopkins will earn a modest raise to close out the new deal.

The Maple Leafs will be able to sign Nugent-Hopkins to another contract at or near market value, as he’s coming off a one-way contract of four years and $12 million.

As he’s coming off his arbitration hearing on July 27, Nugent-Hopkins’ salary is already set to spike a little bit. The team can pay

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