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The UK standard for picking is the ‘Wendell’ model. It is made of metal and includes a large leather case, a large rubber finger-pad and a rubber pick guard. The British standard uses the ‘U’ shaped pickguard and a small rubber ring on the pick. Both styles will work with any U shape picks (the rubber ring is the one that slides over the pick shaft to seal the pick). Other brands of picks can be obtained. The ‘wishbone’ style pick with the larger rubber ring will work fine with a wickless ukulele. The only disadvantage of the latter is that it may require some practice to pick correctly.

How do I adjust my UK standard pick-up?

Please keep in mind that the pick is adjustable in size. It is recommended that you adjust the thickness of the pickguard before using, otherwise when adjusting the size, it will require adjusting again when you play.

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