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One of the most common questions regarding my students, even though I have had them on and off for years, and have played a wide variety of instruments, is where to begin. The answer is simple. There are four fundamental types of musical instruments. I am not going to go into all the differences between each one, but I will present them in the order described below.

1. The basic instrument: The basic instrument is, of course, the brass instrument. Brass is the basic material in which piano and many other instruments are built, making this one of the easiest instruments to learn and play. This includes organs, guitars, electric pianos, and a number of other different types of instruments. In addition to this basic instrument, there are different types of brass instruments – the plucked brass instrument, the unplucked brass, and the flute and stringed instruments. The two most common ways to play the basic instrument include the “beaded” or “beaded” method and the “flute,” “stringed, ” and other instruments. For more information on the different types of brass instruments and where to learn them, please refer to my previous post: 2nd Class Brass Instruments (Beaded) .

2. The double bass : The double bass was created during the 16th and 17th centuries to replace the bassoon. The double bass was played with a hand held instrument like a brass clarinet or flute. It was a large, wide, open instrument with a large body, and a very long neck that reached from the floor, about 4 or 5 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter. The bottom of the body was flat and rounded to fit the rest of the instrument, and the sides of the body were flat, rounded, and made with metal or some other hard material, such as bone, steel, or bronze. The upper part of the instrument, which was considered a “luncheon” or “hand bag,” was about the length of the entire instrument and was made with a flat, pointed base. This “lung.”

It was considered a great sound instrument and was designed to play up until about the late 18th century, when it was moved to its current position in modern musical instruments, being used primarily as a banjo, and is now considered to be inferior to other kinds of instruments, particularly for their size.

The double bass was made in small numbers until around 1830. I have used the name “double bass”

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