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There are 4 main types of musical instruments; Violin, Bassoon, Drums and Bass. Each type of instrument has its own unique sound and sound characteristics. They are also different as the physical properties of the instruments make them different depending on the different physical properties of the musician or instrument.


The violin is the most commonly used instrument among musicians all over the world. It is used for composition, stringing, melody and rhythmic accompaniment.

A Violin is made of wood, with four strings and can have anywhere between 7-7.5″ of string length, depending on the size of the instrument.

It is a musical instrument that is widely used at music festivals like Glastonbury, and the annual Concert for Bangladesh as well as in schools or universities across most cities of the world.

Violans are usually tuned to a major or major mode, and are generally a bit louder. They can be tuned to either G major or G minor. The most common tuning is Major, as it’s the standard, but there are also some other minor tuning systems, such as P major, and minor, which are also common tuning.

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Drums are also the most common form of musical instrument in countries, where they are used in folk music, and for drumming in the military. They can also be used in other instruments, such as in the band or in any sort of music in any country.

Some of the major drummers of the world are from South Africa, Sri Lanka, and China who played their drumming instruments as very popular and recognizable instruments in every country because they did not just play music, but also played their drumming instruments very highly; and hence there is a large number of international drumming societies to which they belong.

The drumming instrument has a long history that stretches all over the world and as such is a common form of musical instruments throughout history.

Drummers are considered the most highly valued and sought after musician of all and so in this way they are often the most popular and recognized.


The bassoon is made of wood, and is usually tuned up to C. Many people would consider that the bassoon is the most popular of all musical instruments. It has the most complex tones in it by virtue of it being made of wood.

The bassoon is tuned to Major or Major mode. While C is the

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