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November 29, 2020 0 Comments

I’ve never had a band call me that. I’m in the business of producing my own music.

What’s the most common thing about recording a song you’ve written?

The producer can make us change something. A lot of times, it’s not the song. I mean, a lot of times, it’s something like ‘Fucking Bitch.’ You know what I mean? ‘Fucking Bitch’ has such a strong hook. We change things on the way through, and we just feel like it’s a good fit for the song. It’s a good fit for the song.

Are there tracks you want to do but don’t feel they’re right for it on the record?

I would never leave our record out. I mean, we don’t necessarily want a song that needs another verse. It’s like, ‘Let’s get this out.’

How does one go about doing that?

That’s a difficult one. I mean, I have a little bit of a script; I give myself a list of tracks to go on, to come up with the best one.

I know this is a long question, but when you’re doing a show, do you have any plans on what you can record next?

We have plans for the record. It’s always been pretty much my philosophy that you don’t really write until you can play.

Are you doing your own studio?

I have a little studio right now, and I’ve been using that every day to record.

But there’s a few tracks you did where you’d have to make room for a drummer.

Yeah, so those are like, “We need drums and we can’t have drums.” We’d need some drums and we don’t have drums. Maybe we’ll add drums later. If that ever happens, I’ll be glad.

When did you actually get to pick what songs you’d make?

I think the first time that I said, you know, “Hey, I’ll put it in, and we’ll see what happens?” was the day I recorded that part. That’s when I recorded ‘Fucking Bitch.’ That came out just on its own the day I recorded that.

How long did it take to come up with those bass lines?

It took me like three years to get that song. I mean, I was like, you know, ‘We need something a

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