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What does ‘sink the f**k’ mean? What’s a ‘giant p****’?” she said.

“I think the thing that sticks in my mind is: ‘I don’t know how you get all this stuff going when you’re playing the ukulele’.

“I’d have to be really stupid to think it’s because of me.”

The former model’s views could be construed as an attack on Ms O’Hara, who came to prominence as a star of the show, and her work as a presenter for ABC TV’s 7.30.

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But in her final year as anchorwoman at 7.30, the 61-year-old was still earning $10,000.

Her salary was a result of the company’s agreement with the ABC to give the TV channel access to their music library while their live concerts, live programming and shows were on air.

It was a relationship Ms O’Hara described as ‘amazing’, describing how it ‘enabled’ her to host The 7.30 Breakfast on a regular basis.

In her final interview with 7.30’s host Richard Bacon, Ms O’Hara said she had ‘made lots of money’ at Channel Ten and said she planned to keep doing ‘whatever’ she wanted.

The presenter was speaking to Fairfax Media about her forthcoming film, ‘Saving My Soul: The Story Of My Life With Cancer’, which is set to be released in April next year.

On her career in Hollywood, Ms O’Hara said her first big break was working for the legendary actor, Steven Spielberg.

“He hired me at Paramount right next to Steven Spielberg; we were the two biggest movie stars at the time,” she said.

She said she eventually started working with a number of other actors, including William Bell, who directed her in several films, including Kiss Of The Spider Woman.

“I wasn’t doing anything, so they did what the f**k they wanted and I just kept working,” she said.

Her next big break came in 1979, when she was working for MGM Studios, after producing an opera about her first love when she was 14.

“I was working for MGM and I remember coming to work at 8.30, and Steve Spielberg comes in and I was shocked. I looked down to the ground, and I didn’t know what had happened,” she said.

Ms O’

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