What do you call someone that plays the ukulele? – Is It Easier To Learn Ukulele Or Guitar

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What is the ukulele in a nutshell?

How many people do you know that had a ukulele when they were a kid?

How many people have the same name?

What are the 3 chords of an ukulele?

How many songs did you listen to your entire life that you now refer to as childhood favourites?

What’s your most unusual musical experience? (ie – Have you ever seen a magician do magic in real life?)

How have you ever gotten along with other musicians?

Who’s your favourite musician?

What do you like about playing with your own band?

How many times a week do you get together with friends, family & friends?

If you are going for the top spot please share what you would enjoy most about your life as a musician.

In case you didn’t see your entry in the thread, here is an official explanation on what the top 10 things are (to choose an option from, simply fill in one spot).

1. Myself

2. Family & Friends

3. The Music I enjoy

4. My musical inspirations

5. Living in a big city

6. My favorite things

7. Music I have played

8. Music I want to play

9. Music I want to learn More about the music I love to play (How to read a sheet music score)

10. How to live my life

Thank you all for entering!

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