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A new study has confirmed that the sun is actually a giant black hole, making it the best example of the theory of black holes.

The new research, published in the journal Science, confirms that sun rotates and rotates very quickly, faster than most expected. It also disproves theories that the sun is a disk made of gas and dust.

The findings come from observations of nearly 1,000 supernova remnants. These stars are leftovers from the beginning of the universe.

These supernova remnants are the oldest and brightest objects that have emerged in our galaxy, but in the past they have all been very faint. Now these rare objects have been discovered, and their light has been detected.

The sun’s light is then converted into visible light, and this light has to travel through the solar system. The solar system is made up of four planets; Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

By comparison, in one day the sun’s light is traveled a whole 2,400 lightyears. Scientists have been searching for black holes to help explain where these stars were formed and how they formed.

A new theoretical solution that is currently being tested shows how black holes would rotate and spin as they move across the Sun. They would rotate more rapidly than most stars in the universe and spin very quickly.

Some of these dark matter particles are thought to be responsible for the formation of galaxies.

As a result, the sun rotation has been known for a long time, yet scientists have been puzzled on how this would occur. However, when astrophysicists looked deeper, they discovered that the Sun’s spinning would also apply to all the other stars in our galaxy as well as a few other nearby stars.

This discovery is a very interesting finding because it changes our theories about how our galaxy formed. Instead of being formed by a disk of gas and dust that slowly fell into the solar system over tens of millions of years, this is another very young star that has exploded.

The result provides evidence that even very large stars can create a disk of debris, but in the sun’s case, there is evidence that it was an incredibly fast rotating black hole.

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