What finger do you strum a ukulele with? – Ukulele Minor Chords

August 16, 2020 0 Comments

That may be the most important question of your life so you might think that the only people who ask that of the ukulele are people for whom the question is, “Do they know me?” However those people, who may be those in your band, who may know you, but who don’t know it, may wonder and ask. If you don’t have any friends who know you, then you want to make your friends know you. Then you are more likely to be invited to their ukulele night or your band’s, rather than just hearing about it from an unknown person. That has all to do with the quality of music you can play. I could play any single chord if I knew you were there.

So you just learned how to strum and now know how to play some chords, but, who’s your friend who’ll play you some chords? What instrument are they playing? Are you going to be sharing it with them? Are they going to ask you how to play their favorite tunes?

I see a lot of new players at my gigs who have no musical background, no idea as to what to play, and can’t even name a single chord. If they just want to see if they can break out of the current paradigm of what’s possible with the ukulele, and can learn a few new chords (and all that jazz) then that’s great. You should be very excited to get new people to learn the instrument. I’m happy to have them in my band and at my gigs, but I want them to be part of my culture. There is something to the idea of going to a friend’s place and playing songs from the local record store, where you can try a new tune on the ukulele. You get to try to get some of the people in the band to “hear” you do a new tune (and you do have to do at least one solo). The first time you get to the house, you get to see a bunch of people playing music that you have never heard before. Then it is up to you, as a musician, how you get to hear the music you know you are good at. I like to ask them what chord they played that night, what instrument they used, and if they want to get more in depth or if they only want to play one chord. If you don’t know their favorite chord, well you might as well just not play, “it is time to take

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