What is the best ukulele brand to buy? – How To Learn Ukulele Tabs

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There are over 30 different ukulele brands that are all great, with lots of unique features and great sound. Read more about what makes a good ukulele here.

Are you a budding ukulele player? Learn all about tips and tricks for newbies.

Is your ukulele an electric or acoustic? Find out which types of ukuleles and manufacturers you can easily find near you.

Are you a professional ukulele player? Learn about the basics of making and playing ukulele strings.

Is your ukulele in use professionally? Find out more about the pros and cons of pros and cons.

What is your favourite ukulele company? Find out which one is the most well known.

Are you a budding professional uke player? Learn about guitar lessons.

Which of these is the best ukulele maker?

I was first introduced to ukuleles through my friend Chris Tabor. During a summer, Chris and I went to many different manufacturers and we tried many different models. After a few weeks we discovered ukuleles were just something that seemed to be out in the wild and we were just getting to know them. So for that winter at college I decided I should make my own ukuleles.

What was the experience like?

I made my first ukulele, a blueberry one, back in 2009. I had recently broken into a company that was just starting up, called Electric Cents, and I was just very new to what I was doing. I had just picked up a few new ukuleles from local shops in the town we were playing and we were trying to figure out which one to get. It was the summer of 2009 and I had no clue, I wasn’t really into building things. Even in the weeks leading up to our trip to visit my parents, I was just buying some cheap ukuleles that I could use for practice.

Chris Tabor

On our first weekend, my dad had me come over to his house to play. We went to play with the other kids on my own ukulele while Chris and a few other friends (still in their teens) made an electric ukulele. I was really taken with ukuleles at the beginning but was a little apprehensive about the craft at first. You had to be self motivated to make

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