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From our own testing (1 month’s worth of instrument usage to 10 days’ worth) we would say that you’ll want the one you are familiar with the most. If you are new to ukuleles, get the Stratocaster. It’s just as playable at all the levels as a Gibson or a Taylor. There are more, more expensive ukuleles, but you don’t need them.

What is the best ukulele to play on?

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert in every aspect of ukulele performance. Some people would say the best ukulele is a Les Paul, some would say a Taylor acoustic, but those two may not be as different as these. These are all good instruments with great sound quality, but they cannot compare to the ukulele that is used in this discussion. So it is important to play that instrument just as good while learning as well as learning to play it better. If you have a Taylor ES-335, you can buy that ukulele for less than $100 on Amazon!

We have had thousands of requests from people who have played a Les Paul and want to hear what the Strats sound like on their way to learning the ukulele. Our answer is that those who are interested in ukulele performance have learned how to play a Les Paul. They have learned how to use the strings, the pickup selector, how to set up an amp (with the “one-handed switch”), the volume knob, the tone knob, the bridge pickup (preferrably one where you can easily find it, in the neck), the bridge pickup position, and how to adjust them. So they have a good foundation to work off of. They can learn a song, and most lessons involve learning how to use the various components. Once they are good, they can begin looking for the guitar ukulele model they want.

The Gibson Les Paul is a great instrument because it’s a very affordable guitar. A high-end guitar costs more than $400, and it’s not just for the people who like to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive instruments. But it’s probably easier to learn with, and it sounds better when you do. So the Les Paul has been a great option for us, because it is cheaper, and it’s easy to learn!

In comparison, the Fender Stratocaster is the most expensive ukulele

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