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Kala Soprano Ukulele Dolphin MK-SD (Blue Burst) — T-Roy's Music ...
– I can play the bass, trumpet, piano and flute at the same time. I played the bass, the first viola, the soprano and the bass saxophone in a band in Spain.

– How do you spend your time apart from the band?

– My mother, who lives next door to me, is a wonderful, kind person. I also try to spend time with my wife and daughter, and occasionally with friends.

Do you have any hobbies?

– I don’t have hobbies, but I like to take walks; I like to play tennis, and have gone swimming. I also play the guitar. I play it in my spare time when my fingers are not feeling well.

Do you have a favorite musician or movie character?

– I have a favourite actor – Gérard Depardieu. I don’t like the kind of people who take the limelight, so he can be a very interesting character. I like Nicolas Cage also.

Do you have a specific talent?

– I do play most of the instruments I can because I like to. There are no particular qualities that I have that I like to have.

A week after the death of their two teen sons, the two families are working to determine the cause of the teen’s sudden illness, and his parents say they’re struggling to make sense of the situation.

“He was just a little guy with just his head up, walking through life,” said Roberta Hurd, one of the teens’ families. “He had a lot to offer.”

The bodies were found Friday afternoon in the 400 block of North West Oakwood Avenue just off of the Blue Line at the south end of the Lunt Street stop, which runs south from North Avenue. Police said the 18-year-old, whose name wasn’t released Thursday night, died of an apparent heart attack. Police have not released any details about his death.

“He would’ve lived his whole life,” Hurd said. “He’d be at home watching TV and then he’d leave, and the news would come on, and he’d just be gone like that.”

The other teen is still missing, but police said they have not identified or asked for the public’s help in tracking him down.

It is not known who discovered the dead bodies.

Investigators said the teen was found near the railroad tracks by a jogger who noticed a girl

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