What is the key of C on ukulele? – Learn Ukulele Online Beginner Yoga Video

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Well, with just one string the C key is the lowest note. So an ukulele can be tuned in different ways – and that includes tuning it into the “E” key or an “A” key. The “A” and “E” keys have slightly different octave scales which is why the “C string” and “f” on a ukulele (and “A,C,D,E,A#,B” and “G,A,D,E,A#” on a bass) have different notes. So you can tune the ukulele as you play it and you would get the same note regardless of that octave scale.

Do you have to be born in the right place?

No – you could be born somewhere else and play on the ukulele. That is the beauty of using the ukulele as a musical instrument, like playing a guitar or piano or organ. Just as people can be born in the wrong place at times, so can musicians. Some people want the same thing, others want to be different, and people have different reasons. Just like everyone plays a different instrument, so too can there be a different approach that can affect the tone and pitch of the instrument. If you are able to play a ton of different instruments – then you will be able to do just that.
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Can you play an acoustic instrument like a ukulele as well as an electric?

Yes, you can – but, of course, it is more difficult. With a ukulele you get to use a wider range of strings. In an acoustic instrument you don’t get to use any strings that far out of your mouth and the only things that are resonating are the strings. You don’t get to use the strings as far out behind the neck of your instrument as with an ukulele, so when it is playing acoustic songs or playing bass, you have to get the tone and play the strings right there and then, which is more challenging. It is an incredible instrument to play and you can have great tones with an acoustic ukulele.

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