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Let’s go through an easy example. When you start playing C or Cm, you want to go for the notes of an F key – C, Cm, & Cmaj – so you hit the notes of the F key and start fretting every fifth fret.

Let’s try that on ukulele:
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Here, we want to go the F key and start fretting every fifth fret. We also want to hit notes at every fret, so you could keep playing D, Bb, A, F, Eb and so on.

As you can see in the examples, you can do this with all ten strings and all keys, as long as each string is fretted at the same time. If your strings are strung together in a certain order, you’ll never hit the notes of the same notes, but that doesn’t matter for you. The key is finding the points in the song where you can hit that note at least one time on all of the strings.

So how do you do this? You’ll need a method or method of getting a string to fret at least once – it doesn’t matter if it’s a Bb, B or F string, you need to fret that string once.

The most basic way I see it done is to use a method that only takes advantage of the fact that the string exists in your hand, and that you can’t play the string without having your hands in it. Here’s an example from an old album from the late seventies of “Echo” by Johnny Cash:

The guitar starts out with a F on the F# strings, and then starts playing E on the G# strings. The fretting on the G# strings is just a F and a couple of frets below the F, but you see how there are no odd flats at all (see the frets that the F is fretting) on the E string as part of the fretting motion and the F# string’s fretting motion and the F string has a Bb on the string just above the C (which is the F#):

After starting with an F on the F# strings, as you play the E on the E# strings, you come back to start fretting the F on the F# strings. Again – this isn’t just some random fretting on the G# strings – by fretting E on the G# strings on each string (as you play the E

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